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HI, I AM Jonathane michael Ricci

A entrepreneur & Business Consultant

I am a manager, consultant and entrepreneur. In 1999, I commenced my professional career at KPMG (Toronto) within the U.S. Corporate Tax Group. In 2003, I went on to co-found Juroviesky and Ricci LLP, a cross border law firm. In 2009, I founded The Law Office of Jonathane Ricci, which operated as Xafira Law Professional Corporation until June 2016.

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Jonathane Michael Ricci is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and business consultant. He also offers management services through the A13MG group. This group is also popularly known as Archimedes 13 Management. Jonathane is also associated with Art Escrow Services, a very reputed organization. These two companies help corporates and individuals with portfolio and asset management services. Jonathane also provides tax optimization services through these companies. Jonathane was also the founder/co-founder of National Class Action Services & Canada Claims Management. Find out more about Jonathane Michael Ricci on this page.

Jonathane Ricci Lawyer

Jonathane Ricci Lawyer





Personal Informatioln

Talking about his personal life, we know that Jonathane Michael Ricci was born in north of Toronto. Most of his childhood was spent in his birthplace. He also completed his schooling in the same city. Jonathane was one of the brightest students in his school, and since childhood, he has been very diligent & disciplined. He scored well in his exams, and he excelled in sports as well. Later, Jonathane joined the University of Windsor and received a degree in General Art & Communications in 1995.

After graduation, Jonathane decided to pursue a course in tax & law. He enrolled in the College of Law at Michigan State University for this course. During this course, he was also elected as the President of the Student Bar Association. Jonathane was also an editor of the Journal of Internal Law and Practice. In addition, Jonathane served as a research assistant for the State of Michigan House Committee. There, he worked on tax reports related to tax policies. He completed the course in 1998 and received his Juris Doctor degree from the college.

In 1999, Jonathane Michael Ricci completed his LLM (International Taxation). During this degree, Jonathane gained an understanding of the Domestic Tax Laws of the United States, Global Tax Minimization, and International Tax Treaties. Lastly, Jonathane got married in 2005, and the couple had a son soon after marriage.

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